Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE)
The GATE program of the East Whittier City School District is designed to provide students with appropriately challenging learning experiences and to assist them toward achieving academic excellence.
Our GATE students receive differentiated instruction within their regular classroom.  Additionally, they participate in a pull-out program designed to provide enriching and challenging experiences in a stimulating environment.
Students qualify for the GATE program based on their performance on a standardized test and demonstrating advanced intellectual ability in the classroom.  Students are eligible to take the test in the middle of their 3rd grade year.   
English Learner Program (EL)
Students classified as English Language Learners (ELL) receive high quality instruction within their regular classroom.  Additional assistance is available under the direction of our Intervention Specialist for students that need more support. 
Our ELL students take the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) in the fall, are monitored throughout the year, and can be reclassified in the spring (beginning in 3rd grade) if they meet the criteria.  
STARR Literacy and Math Intervention Program

The Student Testing and Reading (STAR) Room is a center for reading instruction and intervention. The STAR Room is a component of our Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) model designed to provide intensive reading intervention in grades kindergarten to fifth grade. Our staff of highly trained instructional assistants, teacher and specialist service approximately 70 students each day in areas such as reading, writing, and spelling. Students work in groups of 4 or 5, for about 40 minutes each day in highly engaging and interactive lessons, because in the STAR Room we want to make sure every student is college and career ready!